Therapeutic Yoga is a mindful approach to relieving your pain, improving your mobility, and enhancing your strength. Therapeutic yoga can be used to support those who love yoga and are no longer able to attend their regular classes due to injury or illness or for those who have never tried yoga and want to be introduced in a safe way that will allow them to practice for years to come. Even advanced yogis looking to access favorite poses or asanas without pain can benefit.

In your one on one session, Erin meets you where you are at and creates an individualized program of movements and that are designed to your specific needs and goals. During your session, Erin will guide you through your program; helping you progress towards improved ease, function, and mobility. Sessions are 60 minutes.

  • 1 session – $80.00
  • 5 session package –  $375.00

Semi-private sessions provide the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga, combining the intimacy created in a private setting with a smaller financial commitment. Invite a colleague, friend, or loved one to join you as you work towards decreased pain and tension, and improved ease, mobility and strength. 60 minutes.

  • $30 per person – for 3 participants
  • $45 per person – for 2 participants

If this option is of interest, and you would like to be connected with other participants, please do get in touch as we put together new groups monthly

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle class that incorporates slow movements to mobilize, balance and strengthen the body. In this class, participants will practice exercises to restore mobility and balance to the pelvic and shoulder girdles while promoting functional movement of the spine. This class is most appropriate for those recovering from injury, moving out of a sedentary lifestyle, or looking to heal and balance the body.  A maximum of 10 participants can enroll in each class to facilitate one-on-one attention.

kind words

I was referred to Erin by my physiotherapist after re-injuring a previously broken arm in a different yoga class. He recommended Erin as someone who could teach me to practice yoga in a productive and safe manner.  After working with Erin my posture has improved and I have an increased awareness of how to safely move my body given my current restrictions and weaknesses, which are improving all the time! Erin really listens, and provides clear instructions and directions using excellent analogies. From the perspective of a retired teacher, Erin employs effective teaching strategies to guide me to be a reflective and self-aware in my movement and practice of yoga.

Trish, Retired Teacher

I have a new/deeper understanding of my tendency to want to get the poses ‘right’, regardless of pain, rather than listen to my body and work with it slowly and gently. Erin is a skilled communicator and she helped me gain this insight in a supportive, insightful and non-judging manner as she introduced me to small and simple movements to increase body awareness of pain and ranges of movement.

Jackie, Facilitator

Since working with Erin my posture has improved significantly. I have improved range of motion through my hips, and my occasional lower back pain has been relieved.  I have had chronic shoulder pain stemming from old sports injuries, and have had three cortisone injections in one shoulder with decreasing levels of success and three Synvisc injections to help replace the natural fluid in the joint.  During my last visit with my Sports Medicine Doctor, he was impressed with my improved mobility, and curious to know what I had been doing. Therapeutic Yoga! Prior to seeing Erin, I had become sedentary due to the pain I was in. Now, I have resumed my physical activities like golf, hiking, and cycling. Erin creates a very comfortable atmosphere, she listens very well and is clear in her communication.

Bruce, Hydrographer