The New Vitality Studio was built to fulfill a dream of providing therapeutic yoga in a private or small group setting. The studio is filled with natural light, and has a warm, inviting environment. All props are brand new, and there is no need to bring personal mats or props, unless one so desires. Class size is limited to three individuals to ensure that each student receives individual attention during each session.

kind words

I came to Erin disconnected from my body due to a severe brain injury.  During the accident, I also fractured my skull, experienced whiplash, and received trauma to my pelvis.  I came to see Erin reduce the chronic pain and increase the limited mobility in my right shoulder, hips and lower back, that had not been addressed by physiotherapy, massage, or acupuncture. Since working with Erin, I have a new level of awareness, and am getting more connected to my body and breath than I’ve ever been. Standing on my own two feet, and legs, is very different than it used to be. It is much less painful for my joints and back. I actually experience ease in standing, and no longer need to shift from side to side! Erin is very encouraging and compassionate and her passion and enthusiasm for the body, it’s movement, and helping others is clearly evident in the way she interacts with clients.

Holli, Horticulturalist

I first met Erin, when herniations to my lumbar and cervical spine had made it impossible for me to work. Once a very active person, I continued to find myself unable to participate in the activities I loved, or even complete basic household duties. I was afraid to move. In working with me, Erin was patient and firm, and despite my resistance, encouraged me to slow down, to breath, and to make slower movements. We also laughed a lot. It worked! I no longer am afraid to move, and have caught myself running for the phone or across the street, or picking up heavy and awkward objects, and then realize ‘I’m doing this! I’m not in pain!”. I highly recommend Erin – She knows her stuff!

Shannon, Recruiter

I so appreciate the sensitivity, intuition and detail that Erin brings to each class as the instructor.  My wish was to have some flexibility in my hip joints and that has been achieved. I notice that when I walk I have much more freedom in my hip movement compared to before. My shoulder and neck posture is very different from when I began working with Erin, to the point that I had to adjust my car seat! I now feel that my shoulders are where they should be as opposed to up around my ear lobes. My practice with Erin has helped with my stress management and is becoming a regular part of my self care outside of class time as well. I am so happy to have met you and have had the opportunity to begin my yoga practice with you!

Wendy, Educator