To New Vitality, opportunities for injury prevention exist in every facet of life. Whether it is how we move, what we nourish our bodies with, the physical space we work in, or how we treat the people we live, work & play with.


Stretching Seminars

The work we do and the environments we work in impact the balance of our bodies, both physically and emotionally. Discover how to counterbalance the strain of your workday by incorporating these safe and simple movements and breathing techniques.

Live Workshops


Its 10:00 am, and already you noticed the tension building in your upper back, neck and jaw. At 3:30, you notice your shoulders are rolled forward, and when you catch a glance of yourself in the reflective glass your office window you are horrified with your posture. As you leave work for the day, you notice how tight your hamstrings feel, and experience some tension or pain in your lower back. In this session you will learn stretches and strengthening activities that will counterbalance the strain and tension developed in your muscles as a result of spending a long day at your desk.


In a single hour, you can do the same movement hundreds of times, often while crouching or twisting in awkward positions to access your materials. Your wrists, forearms and shoulders are sore, and your back aches. This session will introduce you to movements and stretches that you can do to counter balance those repetitive movements. You will leave with ideas to support you before and after your shift, during scheduled breaks during the day, and after some of your most repetitive movements.


You put in a hard day’s work – lifting heavy objects, pushing & pulling equipment, or sitting on machinery experiencing constant vibration. Learn how to support your muscles in recovery, and to support balance in the body, so that you can begin your day with less stiffness, and finish with less discomfort.


What would your work environment be like if the well-being of each person was the centre of every decision made?

Workplace Morality


When we see or hear the word Violence strong images come to mind. What is often missed is the subtle behaviors demonstrated towards ourselves or others each and every day that lead to more violent acts. This workshop takes a human approach to preventing violence. Participants will have the opportunity to dig deep, and understand what might be preventing them from creating a more supportive and accepting work environment, as well as creating action items they can immediately implement to support a more compassionate and less violent workplace.


According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” These live workshops are designed to support you and your organization in your journey towards Wellness.

Workplace Wellness


Our lives are multi-dimensional. We live, work, and play; have relationships with friends, family, colleagues and intimate partners; we feel, breath, move, eat, and sleep. This seminar begins by introducing participants to the seven dimensions of Wellness.  Workshop activities will give all participants an opportunity to: indentify what behaviors support wellness in each dimension, evaluate their own personal wellness, and create an action plan to support a healthy and fulfilling life.


Do you get enough water? Most participants are surprised to learn that they are consuming far less than they need to support their body in optimal health. In this session, we dispel the 8-glass myth, and you will learn how much water you really need, day to day, depending on your personal habits. Learn the role of water in injury and recovery, and prepare to be blown away by the symptoms and diseases associated with dehydration.


Its 1:00 pm, you’ve just finished lunch, and you are experiencing that afternoon slump. Not for the first time, you wish that our work culture supported the afternoon siesta. Surely your afternoon coffee will pull you through this bout of fatigue you think, as you head to the cafeteria, or nearest coffee shop for a jolt of java.

In this workshop, created with the consultation of dieticians & naturopaths, you will be introduced to some basic human physiology, and learn how to nourish your body to allow for a more productive and energetic day.


We live in an increasingly demanding world, and stress is becoming a common experience for most people. Understand what happens at a physiological level in your body when you experience stress, and learn to indentify what behaviors, emotions, and physical symptoms are indicators of the presence of stress in your body. Learn strategies for managing stress, and create your own self-care list to support you in creating more peace in your daily life.


Ergonomics allows us to look at the relationship between the individual, their work environment, and the equipment used, and provide solutions that will reduce pain & discomfort.



A great way to educate your employees on how to avoid repetitive strain and back pain in the office environment.  Employees will learn how and why injuries occur in the office environment and will learn how to set up their office workstation to minimize discomfort and maximize productivity.  This seminar is 60 minutes in length, and often organizations choose to follow this workshop with Preventative Office Assessments or an Introductory Adjustment.


Drivers often experience symptoms such as: lower back pain or discomfort, foot cramps, shoulder soreness and neck stiffness. In addition to sitting for long durations, legs are extended to operate pedals, one foot can be flat on the floor, while the other is in static flexion on a pedal, arms are extended and elevated to use the steering wheel and gear shifts. In this seminar, learn injury prevention techniques, including how to set up the vehicle to support safe postures, and stretches to counteract the strain the body is exposed to when driving.


A WorkSafe BC  requirement for all organizations in British Columbia is to provide education to all employees at risk of musculoskeletal injury. In this workshop, your employees will explore and identify risk factors in their job, and discover ways to change their work area or work habit to avoid injury. Your staff will learn how to identify an MSI, and the importance of reporting and early intervention.


Erin loves to create custom education packages that meet the health, wellness & injury prevention needs of your organization.

kind words

Erin’s workshops are informative, interactive and engaging. Whatever the topic may be she is on point and has the audience’s attention. She is an excellent source of information regarding Health and Wellness.

Todd, Manager

Very informative.  Erin made an excellent presentation; she really knows how to captivate an audience.

LGMA Conference Attendee

Having participated in ergonomic sessions before, I was anticipating this information to sound repetitive.  But not so.  Erin was wonderful to listen to, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I came away with some new information.

LGMA Conference Attendee