Erin Lee

Erin graduated from the University of Alberta in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  Kinesiologists are experts in the area of human movement, and their practice is based on the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.  Erin spent the early part of her career providing exercise therapy to injured workers.  Seeing first-hand the results of not taking preventative measures, Erin was inspired to shift her focus to injury prevention and ergonomics.  In 2008, Erin launched New Vitality, an ergonomic consulting practice, to share her expertise with businesses, organizations & individuals. As time went on, it became clear that many of her Ergonomic clients needed a stepping stone between treatment and returning to regular activities. Erin once again began to offer exercise therapy, this time incorporating the mindfulness of yoga to help support her clients to live, work, and play without pain.  Erin understands injury and recovery, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help her clients get out of pain.

who i help

I work with individuals and organizations that believe that they and their people are worth the investment.  I support people to reduce or eliminate pain and improve function. My clients are committed to their own recovery, and are willing to be an active participant in their own treatment.

what makes me different

I really take a holistic approach. Whether we are working together in the studio, or we are in your office assessing your workstation, we will at times examine other facets of your life, such as your extracurricular activities, your commute, sleeping environment & stress. We will look at your body in its entirety and ensure that function is restored, supported and optimized for all joints, not just where the pain is. I have a very collaborative approach, and try to meet my clients where they are at, provide them with the information they need, and facilitate change in a way that works for them. I love to collaborate with other health care professionals, and have a trusted network of people to connect you with, should you need something that I can’t support you with. I will always say yes to a conversation with your health care team, in order to ensure that we are all on the same page, supporting you on your journey to optimal function.