Without Pain

what we are up to

Imagine finishing your workday without pain.

Imagine feeling empowered to safely create mobility, balance, and strength in your own body through the practice of yoga.

Imagine doing all the things you love to do without pain or fear of injury.

At New Vitality, we are here to support you get back to the active, pain free life you want to live.


kind words

Erin’s workshops are informative, interactive and engaging. Whatever the topic may be she is on point and has the audience’s attention. She is an excellent source of information regarding Health and Wellness.
Todd, Manager
Very informative. Erin made an excellent presentation; she really knows how to captivate an audience.
LGMA Conference Attendee
Having participated in ergonomic sessions before, I was anticipating this information to sound repetitive. But not so. Erin was wonderful to listen to, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I came away with some new information.
LGMA Conference Attendee
I have a new/deeper understanding of my tendency to want to get the poses ‘right’, regardless of pain, rather than listen to my body and work with it slowly and gently. Erin is a skilled communicator and she helped me gain this insight in a supportive, insightful and non-judging manner as she introduced me to small and simple movements to increase body awareness of pain and ranges of movement.
Jackie, Facilitator
Since working with Erin my posture has improved significantly. I have improved range of motion through my hips, and my occasional lower back pain has been relieved. I have had chronic shoulder pain stemming from old sports injuries, and have had three cortisone injections in one shoulder with decreasing levels of success and three Synvisc injections to help replace the natural fluid in the joint. During my last visit with my Sports Medicine Doctor, he was impressed with my improved mobility, and curious to know what I had been doing. Therapeutic Yoga! Prior to seeing Erin, I had become sedentary due to the pain I was in. Now, I have resumed my physical activities like golf, hiking, and cycling. Erin creates a very comfortable atmosphere, she listens very well and is clear in her communication.
Bruce, Hydrographer
I came to Erin disconnected from my body due to a severe brain injury. During the accident, I also fractured my skull, experienced whiplash, and received trauma to my pelvis. I came to see Erin reduce the chronic pain and increase the limited mobility in my right shoulder, hips and lower back, that had not been addressed by physiotherapy, massage, or acupuncture. Since working with Erin, I have a new level of awareness, and am getting more connected to my body and breath than I've ever been. Standing on my own two feet, and legs, is very different than it used to be. It is much less painful for my joints and back. I actually experience ease in standing, and no longer need to shift from side to side! Erin is very encouraging and compassionate and her passion and enthusiasm for the body, it's movement, and helping others is clearly evident in the way she interacts with clients.
Holli, Horticulturalist
I first met Erin, when herniations to my lumbar and cervical spine had made it impossible for me to work. Once a very active person, I continued to find myself unable to participate in the activities I loved, or even complete basic household duties. I was afraid to move. In working with me, Erin was patient and firm, and despite my resistance, encouraged me to slow down, to breath, and to make slower movements. We also laughed a lot. It worked! I no longer am afraid to move, and have caught myself running for the phone or across the street, or picking up heavy and awkward objects, and then realize ‘I’m doing this! I’m not in pain!”. I highly recommend Erin - She knows her stuff!
Shannon, Recruiter
Sitting all day in a chair that’s the wrong size is like running a marathon in shoes that don’t fit. Difficult and painful! Erin showed me all sorts of problem areas that were causing me discomfort, and most importantly, how to fix them.
Janet, Marketing & Property Management Assistant
Erin is thorough and professional. In addition to assessments, we have also used Erin for advice on office furniture purchases such as chairs, standing workstations, etc. to ensure that our employee’s ergonomic needs are met and any risks are being mitigated. Erin is very approachable and knowledgeable and we continue to work with her as our company grows. We would definitely recommend Erin's services to anyone who is concerned about ergonomics in their specific work environment.
Connie, Office Manager
My back has been a lot better since you adjusted my workstation! I am very appreciative as I am not in the agony I was before, nor am I requiring massage therapy once a week!
Deborah, Case Manager